According to JetBlueBestFareFinder here are the number of unreserved seats for the next three days:


To Orlando  (flight 1887): 10-12-18= 40

From Orlando (flight 1888): 13-22-18=53


To Ft. Lauderdale (flight 2019): 20-8-11=39

From Ft. Lauderdale (flight 2020): 13-12-14=39


Based on 1200 available seats this equates to a load factor of 85.75%.   We have consistently been over 85% the past month which is quite impressive for the “off-peak” months.

Again, do not forget about 20% Dunkin Donuts discount on JetBlue Tickets. Read this post for details. If there is no announcement by Labor Day we may not be recieving any additional service that would begin during the winter. However, if the strong load factors continue during the summer we may see the Airbus A320 (150 seats) flying to ORH in favor of the Embraer 190 (100 seats).

dunkin donuts

Also, remember that on October 26th the new schedule becomes effective at Worcester Airport. Read this post for details.