JetBlue E190 at gate 2 in Worcester

JetBlue Embraer 190 at gate 2 in Worcester

September was a so-so month in terms of load factor for JetBlue at Worcester and it looks like October will be similar. I anticipate that November, too, will bring the same in terms of load factors. December will likely see a rapid rise in load factors which should continue on until March.

Let’s go by the numbers (in terms of pre-bookings):

  • – 12,500 total available seats during October
  • – 3 flights where the plane is 90%+ full
  • – 30 flights where the plane is less than 60% full
  • – 2 Worcester to Ft. Lauderdale flights on October 26 in order to implement the new schedule
  • – Flights 1887/1888 (to/from MCO) are 69.71% full
  • – Flights 2019/2020 (to/from FLL) are 64.34% full
  • – Inbound flights to ORH are 68.02% full
  • – Outbound flights from ORH are 66.02% full
  • – Overall flights to/from ORH are 67% full

JetBlue will be implementing a new schedule on October 26. Below is an overview of this change that I wrote about on June 8.

New JetBlue Schedule To Avoid Diversions

As of October 26, the schedule at Worcester Airport will change for JetBlue. Instead of having only one aircraft turn during the day and one RON (Remaining Over Night) aircraft, there will be two turns during the day and no RON aircraft.

Flight 1888 (MCO-ORH) – 8:00am-10:40am
Flight 1887 (ORH-MCO) – 11:20am-2:27pm

Flight 2020 (FLL-ORH) – 11:30am-2:27pm
Flight 2019 (ORH-FLL) – 3:10pm-6:26pm

This change, to me, is JetBlue trying to improve their cancellation rate at ORH by avoiding late-night fog that tends to roll in. We’ll see how this new schedule works for the airline.

Recently I came across a Massport document detailing intentions to build a heavy maintenance hangar at the north end of the airport. The document shows a relocation of GA Aircraft Parking/Tie-Downs.

ORH Hangar Project