In an effort to help control the property taxes in the City of Worcester for both Commercial and Residential taxpayers, we will track votes during the year that will have a direct impact on the size of the budget, which dictates the tax rate each November/December.   The time to look at the tax rate is not at the council that votes on the actual rate, but to watch the votes during the year and that is what we intend to do here.

The higher the grade, the better the councilor is at controlling the size of the city budget and your tax bill!!

Current Grades

  1. Gaffney:  100%
  2. Lukes;   33.33%
  3. Petty:  0
  4. Toomey:  0
  5. Rosen:  0
  6. Bergman:   0
  7. Russell: 0
  8. Rivera:  0
  9. Carlson:  0
  10. Economou: 0
  11. King:  0

Vote 3 (1/24/17)

Agenda item 10.33b

$470,494 to DCU for maintenance and Debt service

Voted yes 10 -1  (Gaffney).  We wanted a “NO” vote

Vote 2 (1/10/17)

Vote to move $150,000 to Green Hill account to cover operating deficit last year.   We would have liked to have seen a “no” vote, but it passed 9-2 (Gaffney-Lukes)


Vote 1 (12/13)

Free cash vote that included $100,000 for WPD mounted horse unit.    Although the balance of the estimated $260,000 cost is suppose to come from donations and gifts, we feel that it will be difficult to continue year to year and will eventually be completely paid by the taxpayers.    We just do not see the need or usefulness of this type of program and supported a “no” vote.   Councilor Gaffney was the only “No” vote.