According to JetBlueBestFareFinder, here are the number of unreserved seats for the next three days:


To Orlando  (flight 1887): 5-33-55-12-8=113

From Orlando (flight 1888): 12-15-34-26-30=117


To Ft. Lauderdale (flight 2019): 5-33-46-12-15=111

From Ft. Lauderdale (flight 2020): 20-26-28-22-11=108


Based on 2000 available seats, this equates to a load factor of 77.55%. This time of year is the “no-man’s land” period because it’s between the busy travel periods of summer vacation when families are travelling around and the peak winter travel for travel between New England and Florida. When we get into early November expect a rebound in load factors. It doesn’t seem as if ORH will be seeing any additional service strating this winter. If the bookings during the upcoming 12 months are strong (consistantly in the 90’s) then JetBlue will likely send in their Airbus A320s starting next winter.


JetBlue A320 departing Logan Airport

Remember that on October 26th the new schedule becomes effective at Worcester Airport. Read this post for details.