Earlier in the week I wrote about this, note the link.    Many people have in turn asked me for the “promo code” to input when they book tickets on JetBlue Best Fare Finder site.

  1. You need to book before 9/1
  2. Travel between 9/8 and 10/30
  3. 10/10 through 10/14 are not eligible


I can not give you the promo code, you need to get that from Dunkin Donuts.   Here is a link to more details on the promo.    Better yet direct from Rob Branca



Robert Branca

Come to Dunkin’ Donuts, buy a lb. of coffee or some K -Cups must be at a Dunkin’ Donuts shop, not the Dubai stuff at a drugstore, discount club or mini market). You will get a code on your receipt to use to get your discount. Jet Blue describes it’s own flight window restrictions on its website.

dunkin donuts