We have read the article, and we are not too alarmed by it.

Obviously what we disagree with most is the implied disinterest Massport has in ORH. That is clearly not the case, anyone who knows aviation should know that CAT III landing systems don’t just get handed out to airports. They are common amongst the busiest of airports but pretty rare otherwise.

Not even White Plains in the greater NYC area has one installed, and they were in the top 75 airports in the nation last year regarding aircraft movements. Like ORH and Massport, they are owned by the PANYNJ. And just like ORH, fog is a not so uncommon occurrence that plagues the airfield. It is a significant bode of confidence that Massport is investing years of time and effort to install the equipment, ahead of schedule now be it. Why would they install MILLIONS in state of the art equipment to settle for two regional jets a day?

Yes, the airport’s best days were 30 years ago. But isn’t that the case with every airport before they catch fire? Look at what Massport has done with Logan in the past half decade. 10 years ago, no one in their right minds could ever see direct flights from BOS to the Middle East and Asia. Now there are multiple flights from multiple carriers to both of those regions daily, and guess what? They’re all full.

Even the likes of WOW Air are filled to near capacity. These same people responsible for the record-breaking growth at BOS are the same people organizing growth at ORH.

We are on the right path and confident in the future.


David Montiverdi