We met with a person the other day who told me that  we need to get the snowball to start rolling and that he felt that it was starting.    The snowball consisting of people who believe in Worcester and want it to succeed, but do not blindly accept the rhetoric that the city is on the move.     If you have not already read this column by Jay Givan  , title “Will Worcester Ever Move Forward”.One of our biggest problems is the out of control budget that needs to be reigned in to help protect the tax base.   Or as Dana Levenson stated in this “As I See It


If collapsing the dual tax rate into a single one, by definition, also means that residents pay a higher property tax over time while the commercial rate is held steady or moves down, the only way to accomplish the single rate with a minimum of pain for residents is for there to be no growth in the City of Worcester’s budget.


Last night we posted this column on various orders Councilor Gaffney has filed, including two which will be graded for the City Councilor Scorecard.


Pretty boring, although very important stuff.   The snowball is rolling!!   This morning we checked Facebook 2,341 people reached.