Here are some the orders that he has filed!!

  • Maybe the Council will hit the ground running and actually set the tax rate now when the City Manager actually submits the budget this Spring.
  • Maybe we will put dog parks and food carts behind us???
  • Imagine asking the City Manager to come back with a budget showing the Tax Levy staying the same next year!!!


Best news!! We see our second and third grade for the City Councilors fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers in number in bold letters below.   Check out our City Councilor Scorecard.  

  1. Request City Manager arrange for an audit of any and all grants, funds, accounts, and other monies received, allocated, managed, under the control of, or the like by the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce and all documentation relative to the services the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce provides via said monies, to include a full review of the separation of finances of political activities and nonprofit activities. Further, the report shall include a review of any violations of campaign finance laws by the leadership of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, any candidate endorsements by the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, and any donations made by the leadership of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce to any member of the Worcester City Council.
  2. Request City Manager discontinue the policy of contracting for City services with political organizations or those that actively engage in politics.
  3. Request City Manager consider not raising property taxes on residents and businesses with the next budget.
  4. Request City Manager adopt the Mayor’s Tax Policy Committee item “Capitalizing on New Growth” and not include new growth to the City’s tax base beyond the annual 2.5% increase limit in the next budget. As stated in the report “Instead of using these new funds to expand the budget, the City could use these new revenues . . . to decrease the tax rate on all property owners. A revenue neutral approach would reduce annual levy so that homeowners and business-owners alike would see benefits from new investments in the community.”