Every commercial property will need help with their roofing every now again. Whether it’s a store in Massachusetts or a restaurant in California – see this Northern california roofing website – you will eventually have to call on a roofing company to fix a roofing issue, so it is essential to know what type of roof you have. The roofs in Worcester are either asphalt shingle roofs or rubber roofs that generally are on commercial buildings downtown. With the winter coming it is a good idea to inspect your roof and make sure it can hold up throughout the cold season. If you have a residential property, if the building is one or two stories, a visual inspection from the ground can give you a good indication of the condition of your roof. If you aren’t sure and would prefer professional advice, it would be worth searching for “roofing companies near me” on a search engine to find a suitable firm. If you are comfortable inspecting yourself, then there are a few things you need to look for. Primary, is the condition of the shingle. Are the shingles curling, missing or cracked? If the shingles are falling apart the roof is in such bad shape that damage

Roofers in Worcester

Roof Replacement

might be occurring the plywood sheathing under the shingles. Look for uniformity in a roof. The shingles should line up and be smooth. You don’t want moss or lichen growing on your roof because plants and fungi are going to get nutrients from the asphalt shingles and break the shingles down quickly. The other part of a roof inspection is to go into the attic and look for signs that the roof is leaking. You are looking for water stains, black marking or mold. If you have a leaking roof getting a licensed and insured roofing company to repair the leak is essential. Often the leaking is around a chimney’s flashing or the flashing around pipes exiting the roof. Most roofs should last 20-30 years.

If the roof needs to be replaced the best practice is to tear off the old roof and look at the roofing deck to be sure it is in good condition. Be careful when tearing off the roof, as you may damage things like the guttering. It might be worth getting a company like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Cleveland to come and check and clean out the gutters once you have finished, as chances are some debris will fall into them. The roofing deck should be smooth and not have any cracks or rot. It is possible to install new shingles on top of old shingles but this is not considered best practice and the roof will not last as long as a newly installed roof and existing damage is not corrected but only covered over. With this being said, a task as big as repairing the roof should be left to a professional roof repair round rock tx company, for example. As these contractors have the skills and tools to get the job done properly, getting them to fix the roof may be for the best.

Most people, if they are doing home improvement want the job does correctly and install a new roof. Once the old roof is removed then roofing deck protection is installed and on top of that, a leak barrier is put on. Then the shingles go on, and properly nailing the shingles and not skimping on nails is absolutely key to getting the roof to last years. Seven Hills Roofing is knows as a roofing contractor in Worcester that does good quality work.

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