As the books are closed on this project over the next 6 months, we will tally up the final numbers.  To review there are three sets of numbers that we will track here:



Appropriated Amount ($54,301,695)

Amount presented at Town Meeting and approved by the taxpayers that authorized construction.

Budgeted Amount  (will have shortly)

Amount that was awarded to the General Contractor and the Sub-Contractors to actually build the project.

Actual Costs (final number when the books are closed)

Since there are change orders  the actual final cost will not always be the same as the amounts awarded in the bids.  This is the last number we will have when the books are closed.    

Currently we only have the winning bid to the General Contractor (CTA), but the Town Manager should have all the other numbers we need this week to come up with the “Budget Amount”, as well as the “Actual Costs” to date.   Stay Tuned!!




The only costs that we have so far, per last week’s post:


  • Winning Bid:    35,203,000
  • Total that will be paid to CTA:  36,694,665.78