This past April we wrote about  Eliminating the IIF, supporting Tim Ethier’s recommendation to have the “Elimination of the IIF” as an agenda item at this past Town Meeting (2016).     It was defeated and was not voted on by the taxpayers this past May??? 


We are glad to say that, it will now the “Elimination of the IIF” will be on the agenda for Town Meeeting in 2018.     Watch September 5th meeting of the Selectmen with 15 minutes left for a couple minutes.      In April it made no sense to be on agenda Town Meeting, but now 5 months later it does in 2018?  


  • The main reason we were against the IIF in the first place was that nobody should control the people’s monies are spent, other then the taxpayers. 
  • Now we need to wait for a recommendation from the IIF, assuming elimination of the passes Town Meeting in 2018, on how we should spend these taxpayer monies????
  • Maybe they will have their first meeting since June of 2014 ??
  • Does anythings says Infrastructure more then a new DPW Building???   


For now, lets just go with this is great news and hope the IIF is 1) eliminated and 2) the IIF recommends these taxpayer monies ($1,300,000) be invested into the new DPW Building, lowering the cost to the taxpayers of this project.   Also what difference does it make what the IIF thinks we should do with the money?  Once eliminated, it would returned back to the General Fund and taxpayer control.  


  • Also we got some other good news on the DPW Building.  Looks like the clean-up costs will be coming in towards the lower end of the initial estimates around $400,000, versus the high end of $1,100,00. 


Lets not forget this (Elimination of the IIF) was a goal of the Selectmen to the Town Manager in the Fall of 2015.   

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