Over the next 6 months, until the books are closed on Mountview Midde School, we will tally up the final costs to construct the school.    Today, lets look at the winning bid for this project from CTA .  


Here are the numbers submitted by CTA to date:

  • Winning Bid:    35,203,000
  • Change Orders:    1,491,665.78
  • Total to date billed by CTA:   36,694,665.78

 Now lets look at amounts paid and owed:

  • Amounts paid to CTA:   $36,569,015.78
  • Amount owed to CTA:  $125,650
  • Total that will be paid to CTA:  36,694,665.78



We will follow up as these, or if these numbers change.   Next week will also  have the bids, versus the final numbers, for the sub-contractors.     The bottom line is that it looks like  CTA will come in a little higher then the bid ( with the change orders), but not much which is pretty good for a project of this size.      

At the same time, the project did not come in millions below budget as we have heard at  various times the past two years.  It will, however, come in millions below was was appropriated (estimated) at Town Meetings ( 54,301,695).    



The final numbers should be compared to the winning submitted bids,

not the amount that was appropriated..



Analogy time:  

  1. A private developer buys a lot of land and estimates his total costs to build a single family house will be $200,000.    
  2. After buying the land and getting all his bids, the total cost come in at $150,000.    
  3. In the end his total costs come in at $180,000.
  • A private developer, who worries about the bottom line and using their own money, would be mad and say his project came in $30,000 over project.
  • In the public sector, those building the project using other people’s monies, will say it came in $20,000 under budget.
  • As a taxpayer, what do you think??




Sidenote:     Good thing we never did not add the canopy, link to minutes:


  1. LPA Update: The canopy numbers have come back and CTA estimates it to be in the $350,000 to $700,000 range. Bill stated CTA went to a company that specializes in canopies. It was determined that glass was the best option. This will last 50 years compared to polycarbonate that lasts only 25 years. Glass is heavy and needs more reinforcement. Dave stated he was a strong advocate but feels it is not worth to doing for this amount of money, and no longer supports it. Chris Lucchesi suggested using a different door on inclement weather days. Erik Githmark said there are areas for kids to go. Darryll McCall said there is a large overhang at the doors, and they will work it out. Paul Challenger asked if it was the consensus to not pursue the canopy. All were in favor not to pursue the canopy.





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