You may have heard of “Tuesdays with Morrie”, let me tell you about tweets with the current Telegram and Gazetter Publisher, Paul Provost.  

I remember sitting at the corner of Mower and Cascade during the  70’s with a friend of mine in the afternoon waiting for the truck to drop off the Evening Gazette for him to deliver.    Better yet, I remember being with my father early mornings during the same time period, him actually taking a Worcester Telegram out of the stack in front of the spa before it opened and leaving change on top.  Can you believe there was really an a morning (Telegram) and evening edition (Gazette) of the newspaper!!  

How about when you got the newspaper on a summer morning and there was no final score to a West Coast Red Sox game and you called 755-4123 (no need to dial 508) and ask for the sports section to get a final score!!    My point is that I have grown up with the Telegram, have sold their newspapers in my business and have spent a considerable amount of money advertising in it.  

Flash forward.       Right now my favorite columnist is Nick K.   Many Sunday mornings, although the newspaper is at the end of the driveway, I try to find his column (half asleep) lying in bed and it is nearly impossible to find it on-line.  

Last week I sent Paul Provost this tweet , suggesting that they put a link on their Sunday Facebook to Nick K column to make it easier for people to read it.  Here is the tweet and his response:

Then my follow-up and his response

This past Sunday I woke up and checked Facebook.  There was no link to Nick K, or for that matter Diane W.    Does this make any sense, these two are their best columnists???    Tonight I sent this tweet to the publisher of the Telegram,  Here is the tweet and his response:

Admittedly I have left out a couple “wise a–” tweets to him, but the point of my tweets was to be able to find his columnists easier for people to read.   Maybe help prevent the Telegram and Gazette, that use to have two print editions per day, from disappearing.

In case you missed it, it is too bad the Telegram does not have a publisher who understand this “brave new world”.
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