We would argue that parks are a core business of the City Government.   We are not urging the City of Worcester to get out of the parks business.  

On the other hand a golf course, train station and convention center are not.    At the same time it is not like the golf course, train station or convention center will disappear, just like the airport has not vanished.   We have, however, found a more effective way to operate an airport in the City of Worcester when we sold the airport to Massport.    All we are saying is that the City of Worcester should not keep subsidizing these non-core businesses with taxpayer dollars that are costing more then $2,000, 000 per year for these three non-core city businesses.  

Here is the link

Start at 1:40 and watch for 10- 20 minutes.  

  • By the way the DCU has never been profitable to the City of Worcester??
  • Please do not invest money into a driving range, we will never get any return on this investment….      

Konnie said it best “what is the function of government”.   



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