We have never seen an issue ever come up so fast and then disappear as fast!!  Is this a good thing or bad thing, not sure???    In our opinion, without admittedly knowing all the facts and we never will since the meeting has been cancelled, we were against it.

Tonight, however, we have two questions and need your help.


1)  Goddard Drive parking lot for Worcester State.     Wasn’t this suppose to help the parking situation at Worcester State.    Did you forget about it?   It has 5o0 parking spots with shuttle service only 7 minutes away.   Does this mean that the parking lot on Goddard is at capacity and now they need more spots or that the Goddard Drive parking lot is a failure and nobody uses it??

2)  Paved parking lot across from Temple Emmanuel on Chandler Street, that Worcester State either owns or has an option to own.   Why can they not build a parking garage similar to the on that they currently have on campus???