Today it is 92 degrees in Orlando – and as my sister pointed out  – to reverse the numbers for Worcester, 29 degrees.


Sailing Lake Quinsigamond at UMass

March does NOT come in like a lion in Orlando. In fact – flowers are blooming and the pollen is floating in the air. Spring is gorgeous in Florida because there is glorious warmth without oppressive humidity. In my opinion Spring is the best time to visit the theme parks – a person can defrost and get a head start on a tan. Also, the snowbirds (people with winter homes) start going back to their summer homes in the North.


Azalea Gardens near Newport

I look at the piles of snow in down-town Worcester (on the T&G webcam) and I do NOT miss the long wait for Springtime in the North. I do NOT miss trying to clean up my yard from the abuse of snow, ice and harsh winds. It always seemed like my poor trees and bushes were gasping for sunshine while healing from their winter wounds.


Elm Park Springtime

I used to yearn for May when I lived in Worcester. The lilacs smell wonderful, the azaleas in every color and best of all are the endless tulips. I was lucky to grow up near Elm Park with its endless flowering shrubs. So whether Spring is March or May – it is worth the wait.

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