Huge rate increases being proposed by National Grid effective November 1st, 2014. Right now the increase is equivalent to a 96% increase!!! In the end, they will probably be less, but it is sure to be at least 80% coming from National Grid Electricity-rates-increaseeffective November 1st!!!!

Why are you not letting us look at your bill to do a free analysis to see what we can get you for supplier rates? Remember there are two parts to your bill:

  1. Delivery: that has to be National Grid
  2. Supply: you pick whoever you want!!

If you were to go with a supplier with a lower rate, your bill would still come monthly from National Grid but just have another supplier. If you have any problems with your electrical delivery, you would still call National Grid.   Right now Virdian is offering 10.59/WKH, approximately 25% increase over the 6 month National Grid fixed rates, if you sign up by the end of the month guaranteed for 3 years.


Are you ready for a 90% plus increase on your bill???

Send us an e-mail today along with a copy of your current bill to show you what we can do.




Residential Rates (R-1) (National Grid)


Current rate 8.277/KWH

Proposed rate effective November 1st is 16.273/KWH


Commercial Rates (G-1) (National Grid)


Current rate is 7.758/KWH

Proposed rate effective November 1sy is 15.228/KWH