My name is: Mr. Ronald L. O’Clair and  many of you may have read me before through my long association with the InCity Times as a contributing writer for Rosalie Tirella.   I have recently become an independent freelance writer, offering my work product to the highest bidder.  In this case, the Worcester Herald has asked me to do a story on what I have been doing as a building and property superintendent and citizen activist for change in the 700 Block of Main Street here in Worcester.  This area has a well deserved reputation of being a major drug supply source, and a constant drain on the resources of the City of Worcester Police, Fire, and Medical services.

I have been fighting to protect the property I manage for the owner located at 703 – 711 Main Street since the 16th of June, 2003 when I took on the responsibility as the building and property superintendent at the owner’s request after his having had 5 other super’s in the 4 months that he had owned the property before approaching me with his desperate plea that I do the job no one else was capable of doing. The building was being threatened with being taken from his care and control by the City of Worcester for its being infested with drug dealer’s, and criminal activity of all types. It was off the hook, there were junkie crack whores living under the kitchen cabinets, and in the downstairs storage closet. There were people that did not live in the building cooking crack cocaine in plain sight on the kitchen stoves, and standing on the counters to hide packages of individually wrapped “rocks” of cocaine in the suspended ceilings so they would not have them on them in case the police did a raid.

I was relatively young when I started as the building superintendent, and had been a resident of the building since 03 July, 1996 so I did not want to see my home destroyed further by the illegal activity. I accepted the challenge of wresting control of the building back from those who wanted to keep a criminal enterprise running smoothly and continue raking in the illegally gotten gains at the expense of the owner who was about to lose his life savings and his investment property that he had paid Paul M. Berger $500.000.00 to purchase just a short time before in March of 2003.  I have been engaged in the task of running this building for the owner since that time, and was able to prevent the taking of the property by the City of Worcester due to my resourcefulness and my abilities which are many.

My latest innovation was the installation of an 8 Channel Surveillance Camera system that has remote viewing capabilities allowing the owner, or myself, or the Worcester Police the ability to view the feed from the 7 active video cameras that see and record everything that happens anywhere within camera range of my building.  The view goes clear up to the Albion Hotel at 765 Main Street one way, clear down to Compare Foods another way, clear down to the intersection of Murray Avenue and Wellington Streets another way, and up to the top of the hill on Charlton Street yet another way. Plus there are cameras that record the rear parking area, and the front entrance of the building, as well as the rear security gate.

In point of fact, I have the entire area under surveillance and I owe this latest innovation to the plain and simple fact that some of the idiotic criminals did not like me taking short videos of them with my Fuji 18x digital camera and posting them on You Tube showing them involved in suspicious criminal activities. They thought to themselves, lets teach him not to mess with us, and put sugar in the gas tank of my GMC 4X4 pick up, and then on the 4th of July this year decided to smash out the front and rear windshields of the 2001 Subaru Outback given to me by William G. White Jr. before he died of complications of COPD on the 10th of May, 2014.


That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had tolerated enough, and had been bending over backwards trying to please everyone, and help those who are addicted find recovery, while at the same time still take care of the property for the owner, Julio E. Romero. What hurt the most was that I suspect it was an inside job. I have reason to believe that one of the people I have been helping over the years had turned on me because of my success with stopping the insanity around here with my You Tube videos which garnered me a lot of support from the WPD in cleaning up my neighborhood.

The videos started out as an accidental discovery that my digital camera was capable of making videos. Up until I accidentally turned on the feature while I was taking what I thought was going to be a still photograph of a crack whore on Main Street, my video career was born with the 4 minute and 30 seconds of “Crack Whore on Main Street in Worcester, Mass. doing the two step, LOL” which has gotten nearly 6,000 views so far on You Tube. This was all part of my D-Day inspired annual campaign to take the streets back from the criminal conspiracy to traffic narcotics in my area of concern, the 700 Block of Main Street here in Worcester, Massachusetts USA. I had a new weapon in my arsenal of Democracy to use against those who despoil the natural beauty that is Worcester by their blatant actions out in public in broad daylight.

It had gotten so bad in my neighborhood that people would pull out a crack cocaine stem and smoke right there on Main Street without batting an eye, and shoot drugs into their veins wherever they happened to be at the time, which was mostly on someone’s private property trying to stay out of sight hiding behind my dumpster, or the lady that owns property on Sycamore Streets bushes, or anywhere else they thought that they could cook up a batch of heroin and shoot it before the cops could come and make an arrest.They had become bold enough to smoke the crack cocaine in full view of the public right on Main Street but they still had the common sense to try to hide when they cooked up a batch of heroin to shoot into their veins for some reason, maybe they knew that the Worcester Police may have looked away at the crack smoking, but would arrest for cooking heroin. I don’t know.

What I do know is that the installation of the video surveillance system and my series of You Tube videos has brought about a huge transformation of my immediate area of concern, the 700 Block of Main Street.  Social media is part of the reason why this tactic in my own War on Drugs has been so effective; no one wants to be the next “Star” on one of my videos.  I have gotten many threats of death and violence resulting from making and posting these videos on YouTube. That may not have been as bad as it seemed, and I intend to carry on my battle to reclaim my neighborhood from the criminal conspiracy to traffic in illegal drugs, while at the same time working with street addicts and alcoholics to lead them into the recovery programs for spiritual and physical betterment, which will relieve them of the desire to remain oblivious to that which is important, the love of family, Country, and God.


Or as I like to say: God, Country and family, in that order.   This new tactic of mine has paid handsome dividends and will revolutionize crime fighting in Worcester, and yet when I brought this wonderful news to the crime watch meeting at Gilreins, I was met with indifference by most of those attending that particular meeting. Here I was with the greatest news to share with other concerned and caring individuals sick of the crime in this City of Worcester, and I was not allowed to do my presentation that I had worked out to show how inexpensive it could be to do as I have done.

It may have been because I like to multi-task, and was offering up my services to help property owners as a public service with the installation of systems comparable to the one I installed through the launching of a new business venture, O’Clair Security Innovations or O.S.I.     I figure to be available for other property owners to install these systems throughout the City of Worcester in the most crime riddled areas, and allow the Worcester Police to have unlimited ability to view the camera feeds right from the laptops in the route patrol cars, as well as to have my signal available through Bill Randell’s network so that anyone can see what is going on just like with the webcam of the Telegram & Gazette that lets users at home see and hear what is going on at Main & Franklin Streets by City Hall 24/7/365.

My business venture in this area would be more for community service than it will be for profit. I will of course have to pay my technicians to do the installation, and pay for the equipment, but as I envision the company, it will be done with the customer’s bottom line as a primary consideration. There are several low cost alternative measures that homeowners and property managers can take that are effective at reducing crime on a commercial or residential property in the City of Worcester.

The Subaru Outback that the criminals tried to destroy by smashing the windows will be O’Clair Security Innovations first patrol car, I envision a new age here in Worcester, where people will be able to walk free and unmolested as they go on about their legal & lawful business with widespread use of this latest technology installed by my company nearly at cost.    May God bless our City of Worcester, and hopefully I will be able to make this City of Worcester a better place to raise children in without fear of being molested as you go on about your legal and lawful business of living the American dream.
Thank you for taking the time to read my article and may God bless you and yours.    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

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