The best way to book tickets with JetBlue is to go on JetBlue Bestfarefinder site.   embraer 190Also a great way to gauge ticket sales.  Looking at the next three days here are the number of unreserved seats:

Fort Lauderdale

  • Friday—–5
  • Saturday—–10
  • Sunday—–17
  • Total—-32


  • Friday—-12
  • Saturday—–13
  • Sunday—–15
  • Total—–40

The Embraer 190 has 100 seats (25 rows of 4) for a grand total of  600 seats.   Right now 72 seats (32 + 40) equates to an 88% load.  Now keep in mind that of the 72 seats, I bet you at least half are sold but passengers have not checked in yet to reserve their ticket.   In other words, the 88% will most likely be more like 95%.

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