Here is our 2nd question and here is  the  Link to the agreement  .



Questions 2

  1. Rent from the team covers the 25,900,000 “Series B Bonds”
  2. City has to cover the 62,600,000 “Series A Bonds”, which will be 2,971,416 annually in 2022

Here are the projected revenues

  • WG South Hotel, Apartments & Retail taxes 1,628,067
  • Parking Revenues 845,650
  • Use & occupancy Tax 571,388
  • LF Boutique Hotel & Retail taxes   313,060
  • Advertising 156,000  
  • Ballpark taxes 147,167
  • 8 Events  40,000
  • Personal Property Tax   11,526
  • Total Projected Revenues 3,712,858

***  Considering that we are about to take a loan out of over 100 million dollars, it would be nice to see a better break-down on the above numbers

Although the projected surplus of $741,442 looks great, keep in mind that $2,500,000 of the projected revenues derive from development of the attached parcels.  Maybe not so much a questions, but an observation.  Taxpayers neeed these parcels to be developed or we will have to pay the shortage.   These are not small projects!!!

South side of Madison

  • 225 market rent rate apartments
  • 50,000 sq feet of retail/restaurant of which 30,000 parking garage
  • 150 hotel rooms

North side of Madison

  • 100 hotel rooms
  • 15,000 sq feet of retail/restaurant
  • 200/280 parking spaces

In the end there is no doubt that the PawSox will make their annual payment on the 28 million of bonds, especially considering all the revenues streams that they have negotiatied for themselves.  The question will be can we get these mixed used projects 1) built on time while  2)  yielding the projected revenues to the taxpayers? 





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