Last week we pointed out how Green Hill could lose $500,000 this past FY17, a record, and that something has to be done.  Click here for column  “Green Hill Continues to Bleed Green Cash”.     This week we anxiously awaited to see what the current City Councilors or people seeking to be elected had to say.   Sadly we heard nothing…..   There is one item on the Council agenda, however, for Tuesday.

Request City Manager consider removing the water charge from the budget of the golf
course since other public facilities and departments are not charged for water.


  1. “Other public facilities” are not Enterprise Accounts
  2. “Other public facilities” do not have one of their major expenses being water

In other words, the way to address losing $500,000 per year is to move Green Hill Golf Course expenses to the General Fund to make the losses look less???  If we pay losses from the Green Hill Enterprise Account or the General Fund, the bottom line is still the same– the taxpayers foot the bill!!



Lastly can I clear up one other thing, the debt related to Skyline Drive.   Green Hill Enterprise account only paid for the driveway from Skyline Drive to the parking lot of the golf course, so stop saying this exaggerates their losses.  The bottom line is this..   

The water bill and the costs to build the road from Skyline to the Green Hill Golf Course were incurred and are being incurred for the benefit of the Green Hill Golf Course.  Should not the accounting statement reflect this??


  1. Did  we not have to do this driveway improvement so we could close off Marsh Ave to get a liquor license to offset the losses at Green Hill.  How has that worked out??   
  2. Now we are building a driving range that you can only access from Belmont Street that will offset the Green Hill losses, how do you think that will work out??






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