Past City Auditor Delsignore was always a voice of independence and stated his opinion on the numbers, and not the politics of the situation.   Actually that is the job of the auditor.. Sidenote, and he would answer our e-mails.       


This past Council Meeting,  new Auditor Stearns was not only not an independent auditor, but was reluctant to give any opinion/information to the City Council!!!  His job BTW?    He was not sure what other Gateway Cities have in their self-insurance trust reserves, how many months has this issue been on the table???      Here are two that have less then 2 months???

  Only under cross examination from Councilor Lukes,  treating him as a “hostile witness”, and additional questions from Councilor Gaffney did  the taxpayers get any straight answers and they were pretty amazing.     We will have more to say on this after we review the auditor’s report.   


Where have you gone Jimmy Delsignore???   

  • Click here for Council Meeting at 14 minutes and watch for 10 minutes


Lets hope Mr Stearns learns from this and fills the big shoes of the prior City Auditor and does not let the politics of the situation take over .     

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