Inspired by Councilor Rosen, we will pose questions to Councilor Gaffney and report his answers back here. 


  1. What is the Local Receipts number being used now in the FY18 budget when the receipts for FY17 look to be coming in above $46,000,000?
  • FY16:   40,750,000 number used in that budget
  • FY17:   43,210,000  number used in that budget after Councilor Gaffney had it increased by 2,460,000


2. When your efforts to reduce the reserves in the self-insurance trust funded were defeated 10-1, although the City Auditor said it would have no adverse effect on our ratings and our reserves are double that held by other Gateway Cities, there was discussion how the same City Auditor and Treasurer would come up with a “policy’ on the reserve level.                    Can you get a status report??

FY17 Budget grade A+





On a sidenote how can we do not see how any City Councilor can maintain their desire for the lowest possible residential tax rate and not want both

  1. accurate Local Receipts numbers in a budget
  2.  return excess reserves in an Self-Insurance Trust fund back to the tax-payer
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