First it is a good time to review the operating subsidy history of Green Hill Country Club

  • FY2016     -187,235
  • FY2015     -228,000       
  • FY 2014   -214,776
  • FY 2013    -223,786
  • FY 2012    -134,303
  • FY 2011    -187,712
  • FY 2010     -151,930
  • FY 2009    -115,917
  • FY 2008      -41,023
  • FY 2007     -88,553
  • FY  2006     -144,940
  • FY 2005      -76,579

For this year, FY2017, we are looking at a record breaking loss that could be almost $500,000.     Also keep in mind that the operating losses are actually more when you consider the cost of benefits for the few employees that work here.   What is the answer of the City of Worcester to stop these losses??        Read Bill Doyle’s column in the Telegram today.   

The City plans to invest $1,600,000 into a driving range that they feel will bring in an annual profit between $100,000 and $200,000 per year.   If you were to assume a bucket of balls will go for $10, you would need to sell 110 buckets per day for 180 straight days and to get an annual revenue of $198,000.     Keep in mind that the driving range will have additional operating expenses, not to mention that we have  pay back $1,600,000.     There is no way this range will bring in profits like this.   

In fact based on the fact that only access is from Belmont Street and we do not believe there will be any lights, we think the range will, at best, break even and do nothing to address the current record break deficit in FY2017.     This is a  huge mistake!!
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