The JFK announcement was huge, since it will allow us to connect direct to pretty much every destination JetBlue flies to connecting through JFK in NYC. Click on JFK on the interactive route map to see the exact ones.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am a little confused by the timing of an announcement now for a route that will start in 2018? Why make an announcement now without a start date to promote special low fares, if you book today?

Here is what I am thinking.
Massport has some other announcements coming up this year for ORH that are not for expanding commercial services, but maybe more focused on cargo to ORH that will provide relief to Logan. Just as other firms are focusing on pallet delivery from italy to uk, this is a positive sign. As proof, as far as we can tell, the planned terminal renovations that house UPS do not look like they provide for UPS and their lease is expiring.

If you look at WIKIPEDIA:

Logan Airport is a medium-sized airport in terms of cargo, handling 684,875 tons of freight in 2012, making it the 10th busiest airport in the U.S. in terms of cargo. The operations of cargo sevices across the U.S. are very complex, especially when compared to the state of affairs in Europe. Across the continent, companies are able to take advantage of European haulage by TS Europe which must be something the United States envies greatly. Moreover, Logan Airport handles many U.S.-based cargo airlines, including ABX Air, DHL, FedEx Express and UPS Airlines. It also has cargo offices for many international cargo carriers, including British Airways World Cargo, Cathay Pacific Cargo, China Airlines Cargo, EVA Air Cargo, LATAM Cargo Chile and Saudia Cargo.[80] It has two cargo complexes: The North Cargo Terminal, located near Terminal E, and South Cargo, located near Terminal A.[30]

Airlines Destinations Area
1) DHL Aviation
operated by Air Transport International Cincinnati North
2) DHL Express
operated by Ameriflight Cincinnati North
3) FedEx Express Indianapolis, Memphis, Newark, Philadelphia South
4) FedEx Express
operated by Wiggins Airways Newark South
5) UPS Airlines Hartford, Louisville, Newark, Philadelphia North

Here is our bet/prediction. Just like last Sunday when we predicted JFK announcement last Tuesday, before anyone else, we can see a cargo announcement soon. As much as CAT III will be a “game changer’ for commercial services, it will also be a “game changer” for freight. We are thinking that Massport thought maybe a cargo announcement, without any additional commercial services since the initial flight to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, would be bad for public relations. That a JFK route announcement, which we need desperately, would take the pressure off when the freight announcement is made.

I can appreciate what they are thinking, but we in Central Mass need to understand that there are three important parts to every airport:

  1. Commercial Services
  2. Freight/Cargo
  3. General Aviation

We need to be just as excited about a Freight announcement as a Commercial Services announcement and we need to welcome them. In fact I could make the argument that these could potentially bring more jobs then any commercial flight, especially if they use a specialist recruitment service like Tenstreet. And can you say Amazon? Maybe we could actually make use of the all the land around the airport as well??

If you require freight shipping services, consider using CSA Transportation to get the job done.

Lets hope our leaders welcome these Freight services as much as they do Commercial flight services. Stay tuned and be excited when they are announced.