12o)    That the City Council of Worcester does hereby recognize and congratulate the Administration’s efforts, as the Green Hill Golf Course was recently awarded the Worcester Business Journal’s Best of Business 2017 Award for being the Best Public Golf Course.

You can watch, click here, at 1:07:00 for 2-3 minutes..


Keep in mind the latest news on Green Hill lost 187,235 in FY16, which has been pretty much the case the past 10+ years and in FY17, we are $217,000 below revenue estimates.     We just lost $187,235 last year FY16 and are $217,000 below revenue estimates FY17 this year and this are the types of votes we are having on Green Hill???       How about asking if this means, are we on track to lose $400,000 in FY17 based on these reduced revenue estimates??


This is a gem and they do a great job, but we need to look at the cost !!!!!!!     By the way it passed 9-2, you can guess who the 2 were.