We want to focus on this one paragraph from his column

Ignoring entirely the debate over the impact of the city’s dual tax rate, Mr. Gaffney introduced a last-minute Band-Aid solution, suggesting that the city should raise its local revenue estimates for the FY 2017 budget and use the resulting dollars to reduce the amount of tax levy. City officials have subsequently said that raising the local revenue estimates beyond their current conservative level would be a gamble and could put the city at risk if the numbers do not pan out.

Lets look at the Local Receipts  for this past year:  

  • Estimates for Local Receipts = $40,800,000
  • Actual number for Local Receipts = $46,200,000

Now look at the Local Receipts estimates for this upcoming year:

  • $39,600,000  (current number budgeted)
  • $42,100,000  (number Councilor Gaffney wants to budget)


The past two days Councilor Gaffney’s number has been referred to as a “maneuver” yesterday in WoMag and now a “Band-Aid solution” in the Telegram.   We feel that $42,100,000 is neither of these, but actually a fiscally conservative estimate especially when we collected $46,200,00 last year in Local Receipts?    

What do you think of Councilor Gaffney’s estimate is it:

  1. A maneuver
  2. Band-aid solution
  3. Fiscally Conservative

By the way using the $42,100,000 will save all taxpayers $2,500,000.



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