We need to watch all new airlines especially those that are targeting secondary markets.   This past Tuesday Elite Airways, headquartered in Portland, ME., with maintenance, crew training, sales, and marketing located in sunny Melbourne, FL.      Worcester to Melbourne three times per week would be a perfect compliment to JetBlue daily to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.    Show them our interest and like their facebook page.  

Currently scheduled routes* are:

  • Branson, MO to Houston, TX

  • Branson, MO to Denver, CO

  • Rockford, IL to New York City, NY (Newark)

  • Rockford, IL to Fort Collins, CO

  • Fort Collins, CO to Phoenix, AZ – Mesa Gateway

  • Phoenix, AZ – Mesa Gateway to San Diego, CA

  • Phoenix, AZ – Mesa Gateway to Salt Lake City, UT

  • Melbourne, FL to New York City, NY (Newark)

  • Branson, MO to New Orleans, LA

  • New Orleans, LA to Cancun, MX

Elite Airways is not a true airline like JetBlue or Allegiant, but a public charter like Direct Air.  Don’t let that scare us, however, since if the proper controls are in place and it it not run by thiefs, a public charter can be a great addition to ORH.   We will be reaching out to them this week for an interview.