Years ago the city started charging for trash bags,over the years the costs have jumped many times. $1.50 a trash bag should at the least pay for workers to their jobs. I’m not accusing city workers of being lazy, but they should remember they perform their duties in the public eye.

Today I watched the sanitation worker toss our bags in the back of the truck. He then compressed them to be placed in back of the truck. A bag exploded causing some of the trash to fall into the street, the worker then signaled the driver to go on to the next house. I emailed the DPW along with a picture of the trash in the street. I ended up having to pick up the trash myself, so I ask “what are those bags paying for”?

Could this be the reason I see full trash bags on the sides of roades? My neighbors burn their paper trash in their back yard, against the law but they aren’t supporting the city’s crazy way of charging a tax for service that was covered by property tax forever.

Please if you are elected official justify this practice. A city worker, give your input comments.