Over the past several months, we posted the DCU financial results the past fiscal year ending June of 2014, which was an operating profit of $488,098.   This got us to wondering what effect losing the Sharks will have on the bottom line.   After a few phone calls, we were able to talk to Sandy Dunn, General Manager of the DCU.     The Worcester Herald would like to thank Sandy for her time.


What was the financial bottom line of the Sharks at the DCU?

For confidentiality reasons, we can not give out those numbers . (Editor’s note: That is understandable).


What do you think will happen to the overall profitability of the DCU withouth the Sharks?

We are not expecting a significant shift in profitability for next year.   Since we were notified of the possibility early and have been able to add several events that might not otherwise have appeared now that we have a greater availability of dates.    Also, we will be able to lower some overhead expenses.     That being said, the Sharks have provided stability in our calendar and draw people to the downtown on a regular basis in addition to all that they have done in the larger community, particularly charity work.  They will be missed.


We do not see an AHL team come back in the future and we think it will be very hard to get an ECHL team back to Worcester next year or for that matter the year after that, are there any other hockey leagues or options you are investigating?

We are working all hockey options and are not ruling anything out.  We are also looking into Professional Indoor Lacrosse and Professional Indoor Soccer.


Anything else you would like to add?     

In having any minor league sports tenant, it is important to identify the right product that will be supported by the larger community, a financially stable ownership, and an organization that is looking to become part of the fabric of our community. If we are unable to ensure all three of those items, it will not make sense to dedicate a significant number of our available dates that might otherwise be booked for alternative events.


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