Checkers on South 34 Street in St. Petersburg had to temporarily close its doors after inspectors found live roaches crawling in the kitchen. Over a dozen live roaches were discovered in the wall covering behind the shake machine and dessert area on the drive-thru line. Inspectors also watched as employees failed to wash their hands and touched ready-to-eat food.

Another high priority violation documented potentially hazardous food marked with a time that exceeds the four-hour limit. The chart over the grill area had tomato, cheese sauce, chili and other items marked with wrong times. Some said 5 p.m. while others said 12 p.m. and the chart was not updated.

There are specific standards that every restaurant has to meet in order to be deemed safe by inspectors and if these requirements are not met then they will immediately be closed down. Successful businesses follow the protocols and use things like a commercial refrigeration service for temperature regulation and pristine cleaning throughout the day.


Checkers Statement:

Restaurant cleanliness is a top priority at Checkers, so we invest in regular pest prevention services from a nationally respected provider <=== (Should have used a local pest control co.) This restaurant does not have a history of pest issues, and it received a clear report less than two weeks before the most recent health inspection. As soon as we were made aware of the issue, we addressed it completely, passed inspection and reopened four hours later.

Kim Francis
Checkers Spokesperson



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