Although the JetBlueBestFareFinder site does not give us an exact picture of the ticket sales, it does give us a pretty good guesstimate.

Embraer 190, current plane out of ORH (25 rows of 4 seats)

Embraer 190 is the current current plane that services ORH (25 rows of 4 seats)

The next three days (Jan 30  Feb 1-2), the following number of seats are available:

  • Orlando 13-14-14=31
  • Fort Lauderdale 9-28-29 = 66
  • Total available 97
  • Total number of seats 600
  • Load equals 83.83%

Here are some hot fares

  • Worcester-Orlando: February 21, 23, 24   $140
  • Worcester- Fort Lauderdale: February  10, 11, 13, 15 $124
  • Orlando-Worcester: February 4 February 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25  $110
  • Fort Lauderdale-Worcester: February 13, 14, 17  $114

Remember when booking a flight:

  1. Sign up for their frequent flier program, True Blue
  2. Check out their American Express Card promotion

Last year we heard alot of complaints how Worcester was not competitive when people tried to book tickets for February vacation at the last second.  If you go to the JetBlueBestFareFinder , you will see that the prices are high for the week-end of February 14th.

They are high because people have already booked their trips well in advance and there are few seats left on these flights.   It is not a question of Worcester being competitive in this case, but more a question of supply.   We only have 100 seats available per day to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.   If you want till there are only a limited amount of seats available, the prices are high.      At the same time even Boston, Providence, Harford and Manchester will be high that week-end if you are trying to book this late.

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