This past week-end, we took a trip to a friend’s wedding in Ocala. We flew into Orlando out of Worcester and organised a short term car rental from the airport for the one hour drive.

Upon returning the car, I knew from past mistakes that I needed to fill the gas tank in my car rental. My friend had the same problem when filling up their rental car from e-mietwagenkreta. I think they’ve learned their lesson too. Before returning to the airport traveling along Route 528, I exited on to Route 436 (Semoran Boulevard) to fill the tank. As I was about to start pumping gas at the first station I found, until I noticed the price per gallon was $5.99 . Needless to say, I stopped and drove less then a quarter mile to the next station (Wawa), where the gas only $2.49.

It makes you think about how often this can happen to people. Some people travel abroad to countries like Iceland and are often stuck in this situation. It helps if people learn the area around them before returning the vehicles (be they rented from companies like those you can see here or from others) to help avoid being trapped by this kind of predatory behavior.

Made me wonder how many people running late to catch their plane, using a debit/credit card have paid $5.99 per gallon at this gas station, which is closest to the Orlando terminals. No matter where you’ve rented a car around the world, be careful!!!!