You have officially missed the 10.59 fisxed for three years.  Now it is 11.99 fixed for three years.   We have not seen any offers that are better when it comes to rate and term, especially with the $50 early termination fee.   Considering that NGRID wll be at 16.273 effective November 1st for 6 months, you are guaranteed to save money over the next 6 months.      Look at your bill where is says Supply and assume it says you average 500 kWh per month

  • 11.99 times 500= 59.95 for supply with Viridian
  • 16.273 times 500 = 81.34 for supply with NGrid
  • monthly savings = 21.39
  • 6 months = 128.34

If your usage is in the 1,000 kWh range, which is more realistic, your savings double.   In May, when NGrid resets their rates for the next 6 months,  one of two things will happen:

  1. their rates will be higher then the 11.99 with Viridian that you are locked in with for 3 years
  2. their rates will be lower then the 11.99 and you can choose to go back to NGrid for a fee of $50.
  3. Please note COMMERCIAL accounts do not have the same $50 termination fee!!


If you would like an analysis of your bill with an estimate of savings, e-mail it to us.

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