On June 4th a meeting took place in the Esther Howland Chamber of City Hall discussing the future locations of two polling stations in the city, link to session  on Worcester website.. The first was Ward 3 Precinct 2 moved from the current Worc. Housing Auth. building Belmont St. to Worc. Art Museum off Salisbury St. Approval came due to a stunning new entrance to be built and a much better parking situation. Past problems of Democratic candidates violating the 150′ rule at polling stations was one of the impetus’ for this change. In 2012, Democratic candidates were seen roaming the halls of the Belmont St. location gathering voters to come downstairs to vote.

The second was a relocation of Ward 6 Precinct 4 from the current Quinsigamond Valley Community Center to the Holy Cross College Hogan Center. While Holy Cross had many advantages concerns arose from citizens over access up the steep hill by foot traffic and elderly residents of Ward 6. Other concerns were voiced by one citizen about the possibility of student protests during national elections. In the past student protests at universities has resulted in many media events turning into mob events where Conservative speakers are shouted down or simply run off the campus. The concern was based on these past examples and the need for more police to control such disturbances.

Attorney Mary K. Moule of the Commission reminded the panel people have the right to assemble under our Constitution but was fully aware of the concern of a mob scene should a Conservative candidate be on a future ballot. It was also the concern of another citizen that a polling station at a university could skew the voting toward all Democrats and the possibility of voter fraud could potentially be an issue. The decision was made to NOT relocate the current Ward 6 Precinct 4 polling station.

The Commission also discussed the use of new machines to safeguard and count votes and was approved, yet the time table for implementing these machines for the 2014 cycle was still in doubt.

In addition, both the Republican and Democratic City Committee Chairpersons Jim Knowlton (R) and Candy Mero-Carlson (D) submitted official letters under MGL Ch. 54 Sect. 11B to provide training for poll workers to begin this year in preparation of the Sept. primaries and Nov. elections. Although money has been granted for the training no decision was made on when, where and how the training will commence.

For more information on the election problems facing our Republic go to The Lexington Green Blog at the following link below.


Christopher Maider- Contributing Writer 6/7/14