While on my lunch brake today, im waiting for my order at D’Angelos when I get a phone call from my mother, and she tells me that there is an issue with out electric company and I need to come home right away!    Someone representing our electrical company said:

  •  We have used too much electricity
  •  She had 1 hour to go to walgreens
  •  Buy a Green Dot MoneyPak card
  •  Send them the card information

If she didn’t our power would be shut off and we would be sued.  Immediately I knew that it was a scam  our bills are paid in full and an electric supplier can not tell us how much electricity to use?   My mother, an immigrant from Portugal, is not up to date on  stuff like this and is the nervous type of person wanted me to come home.

I called the number that was calling her, but no answer, where I hear a recording “this magicjack customer cant come to the phone”.   They called right back but the man couldn’t speak English, only Spanish, until I got very aggressive on him.   After that I called my electrical company where I did get confirmation that it was a scam and calmed my mother down.

They tried real hard with my mom to get her to do what they wanted but thankfully called me first.  I also found this news report so please watch ou tand don’t fall for it!!