Next week MCAS testing begins for the public schools in MA. Test taking can be very nerve-racking but if you know how to prepare its no big deal! In 4th grade we have the Math MCAS in May. We have been practicing non-stop with different sample tests. If you get nervous easily and don’t think you are prepared for this test just go onto the MCAS website and print out sample tests and see how the administrators grade them. It’s very difficult not to be worried for this test, so keep calm and do your work.

One thing that happens in my school is that we have a pep rally before testing so we can have more confidence. Our teacher also gives out gum,mints, and lollipops so we won’t get hungry during the test. Want to know a little secret? The MCAS test is only to see how the teachers and school are doing teaching all the things required to learn. So if you get a few questions wrong it shows what your teacher needs to improve on teaching. Still nervous? Lucky for you, I have come up with a few other tips to help do your best on the test:

  • The night before the test go to bed earlier than usual. Eat a very healthy dinner so you have all the strength and energy to ROCK MCAS. Studies have shown that when you get a good nights sleep and eat a good dinner you will do better.
  • When you are in the middle of taking the test circle the numbers in the problem, and then underline the important details & questions. Now you can focus on the most important facts needed to solve the problem. Same thing goes when taking a reading,writing, or science MCAS.
  • GO BACK AND CHECK YOUR WORK! Yes, your teachers tell you that every second of everyday, but it does help. Make sure to really check your work and not just breeze through it and pretend. Trust me it HELPS SO MUCH.
  • Personally when I take any test I get tired and my brain starts to hurt. Stretch your muscles during the test without distracting anybody and take a little break if you are getting tired.
  • DON’T STRESS OUT, DON’T STRESS OUT, DON’T STRESS OUT! Think of the MCAS as a regular test and do your personal best.

Also keep in mind that no matter what test you take they are all important. This test goes all the way to the MCAS center where professional administrators grade them! Honestly you really shouldn’t make a big deal about this test because this is one opportunity to show everybody how much you know. Remember just do your best and that’s all that ever matters.Try as hard as you can.Parents,teachers, and the WHOLE state of MA will be proud