On Route 290 East

On Route 290 East

Two months back I was commenting on how there was not enough advertising.   Since that time, I have been seeing ads everywhere.   Heading into Worcester on Route 290 from the West and Route 146 from the South, you are greeted by two billboards.   One sign says you are getting warm, while the next says warmer.    In addition, here are some other places that they have been:

  • Telegram
  • Radio
  • Worcester Magazine
  • Commuter trains stops
  • Internet ads
  • Gas stations
jetblue ads

Ads I have been seeing on-line




I was worried that the loads would drop as pass their peak season and enter Spring, which never came.  Maybe JetBlue realized the same thing and held off on the ads during the peak season and waited until now?    Either way I think these ads have made a big difference and the loads are holding!!!

Looking at today’s flights, for example, 14 unreserved to Orlando and 18 to Fort Lauderdale.    An 84% load, with some sold tickets not reserving their seat yet, on Mother’s Day in May??   Looking good!

What’s next?  There is no doubt that we will see additional services from JetBlue and there are four viable options:

  1. More flights to Fort Lauderdale
  2. West Palm
  3. Gulf Coast destination
  4. Puerto Rico

My bet is San Juan, Puerto Rico

Call it my Mother’s Day prediction that:

  1. JetBlue service will be flying out of ORH by the end of the year
  2. It will be Puerto Rico.

FYI JetBlue has 6 focus cities

  1. Fort Lauderdale
  2. Orlando
  3. New York
  4. Boston
  5. Los Angelas
  6. San Juan