The City of Worcester has an REAP ordinance that says you can not owe the City of Worcester any money,Worcester_Downtown_City_Hall_Common if you want to do business with the City of Worcester:

  1. Win a purchasing bid
  2. Get  a license to do business in the City of Worcester
  3. Get a permit to do any construction work

This makes sense!  Why do business or let someone do business in your city, if they owe you money; for example, an outstanding water or tax bill. I would like to take it one step further.

Before you can get any grant monies (CDBG, HUD or and other monies) from the city, you can not owe the City of Worcester any money.   Maybe a City  Councilor can ask tomorrow night if any of the applicants awarded CDBG monies owe any money to the City of Worcester money?