If you watched the Revs match vs Seattle this weekend, no one needs to tell you how the match went. With little highlights to mention in a 0-0 draw, let me try to highlight a few points

With this tie, the revs have now dropped points at home for the fifth time this season, two losses and three ties, for a total of 12 points dropped at home. They are currently 5th in the east, four points ahead of Montreal who sits 6th, and five points ahead of Chicago who sits 7th, but one match fewer played. With the second half of the season to be mostly played on the road, and past chances to widen that gap between their rivals under them in the standings, I fear that the Revs are dropping too many points at home. Revs manager Brad Friedel didn’t seem too concerned with this.

I think the team has a very good resilience about it. When we’ve gone away from home, we have a determination. It should not matter where we play, home or away. I know this is an American thing with sports, where you go away from home and its difficult to win games, its not the way I look at it, not the way our staff looks at it. We look at it like we have a good enough team to win home or away, the players are starting to look at it like that. We attack the same exact way on the road, as we do at home. I think Chicago we could of gotten the three points, San Jose we could gotten the three points, Vancouver we could of gotten the three points, we got the three points at Houston. I still think if we didn’t get the early sending off at Philly, we get at least a point or three. So no it doesn’t bother me what stadium, what venue whether its home, away, or neutral, or nor do the players.”

Revs defender and captain Claude Dielna was subbed off at halftime for Gabriel Somi. That question was answered during the post match press conference with manager Brad Friedel. “Claude Dielna passed the fitness test this afternoon, and only made it to halftime, and said he couldn’t go anymore, so Gabriel came on. I thought he added a really good spark on the left side, made some good runs in the second half.

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