Although these things can never be 100% sure, we are 95% positive that they announcement tomorrow will be American Airlines to Philadelphia with two turns per day.    American will use one of their Regional Carriers, mostly likely Piedmont, although there is an outside chance that it could be Republic.    Assuming it is Piedmont they will fly the Embraer-145s.



Our only disappointment is that the Embraer-145s is not capable to use the new CAT III Landing System, since there is no autothrottle or autoland.  Having CAT III will still help, however, since the company will allow going down to company minimums.  The fact that we expect two flights per day may help if one flight were to be cancelled due to fog?  On the other hand the Embraer 190, that JetBlue utilizes, will be able to take advantage of this new landing system!!   

Despite this one drawback, the addition of American Airlines will be huge to the development or Worcester Regional Airport.  We will have two major airlines at our doorstep with daily flights to their hubs, from which we can connect to virtually anywhere.   Tomorrow’s announcement is a major step in the development of this asset!!!

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