Click here for a great summary provided by the Town Adminstration.  Numbers of note:

  • 44,229,632.87 is the total cost to date (spent plus remaining)
  • 43,986,410.75 has been spent to date
  • 243,222.12  remaining in bills


The Building Committee did a great job controlling costs keeping final costs very close to the initial bid; for example

  1. CTA total costs of 36,694,665.78, versus bid of 35,203,000
  2. Lamoureau & Pagano total costs of  3,729,491.11,  versus bid of 3,620,00


There is another significant number listed at the bottom (9,690,284) labeled as unspent, since the initial appropriation approved at Town Meeting was 53,676,695.  This his number is calculated by subtracting the the total cost to date from the  amount that was appropriated.       We have read and heard several times this “unspent” number being referred to as “under budget”.  .   


 The Landmark this past March; for example: 

  • “It looks like we will be significantly under budget at $8.6 million,” said Challenger. 


We disagree that this “unspent number” can be referred to as the “under budget” number.       

The Mountview project is currently is $9.6 million below the estimated cost that was appropriated,

and approximately $1.5 million over budget.




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