Just looking at the raw numbers….      

Please note that the numbers for FY18 are the submitted ones and that the final numbers will be less since Paxton and Rutland vote against this appropriation..


  1. Total budget  is for all 5 towns in the Wachusett Regional School District (WRSD)–columns 1 thru 4.
  2. Holden’s portion broken down each year in the other columns (5 thru 9). 
  3. Last year, FY17,  FINCOM (Finance Committee) and BOS (Board of Selectman) approved their allocation, which was more then an 8.19% increase initially.  Even voted to add more for WIFI , think it was $150,000.
  4. This year, FY18, FINCOM and BOS did not approve a 6.98% increase, as being excessive.
  5. More importantly we feel that a taxpayer, in any town, should look at the overall increase not the allocation by town, which the WRSD has no control over.
  6. Over the past 4 years, the WRSD in it’s entirely has been 3.90% per year for all 5 towns.
  7. Over the past 4 years, the WRSD  budget increase has averaged 4.95% per year for Town of Holden.
  8. Keep in mind FY18 in the end will be less, since Rutland and Paxton has voted against the submitted budget.

Let us ask the Holden taxpayer this, how do you feel about an average annual increase of 4.34% the past 4 years for a student from Holden in the WRSD?

Our thoughts Sunday.  If any of our numbers are incorrect please e-mail us.



Total Increase Holden Increase Students from Holden Cost per student Increase
WRSD budget WRSD Budget
FY18 submitted $90,872,878.00 4.60% $26,495,981.00 6.98% 3,261 $8,125.11 5.21%
FY17 final $86,875,664.00 4.77% $24,767,733.00 8.19% 3,207 $7,723.02 7.55%
FY16 final $82,924,246.00 3.43% $22,892,166.00 4.38% 3,188 $7,180.73 3.26%
FY15 final $80,175,991.00 2.80% $21,931,966.00 0.24% 3,154 $6,953.70 1.35%
FY14 final $77,991,330.00 $21,880,455.00 3,189 $6,861.23
avg increase
past 4 years 3.90% 4.95% 4.34%

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