The past two weeks I have been trying to put together a column on Union Station.  Think it should be ready for next Sunday.    On Friday January 13th, the numbers for last fiscal year were presented during the WRA board meeting.


Annual Deficit Net Cash Position
June 30, 2016 $1,905,735 $15,315,470
June 30, 2015 $1,691,338 $17,189,526
June 30, 2014 $1,919,429 $18,880,731
June 30, 2013 $1,687,769 $20,779,921

Last fiscal year Union Station is losing the taxpayers of Worcester almost $160,000 per month!!  The City Council needs to really decide if we can keep subsidizing non-essential businesses like:

  1. Train Station
  2. Convention Center
  3. Parking Garages
  4. Golf Courses

Evidently I am not alone check out the WRA meeting at 5 minutes for 5 minutes !!!   Then you need to watch at 14 minutes for 5 more  minutes…  These are the exact types of questions the City Council needs to discuss not voting on a petition to put an item on the Historical Commission agenda, that is already on the Historical Commission agenda.


Kudos to TONY TILTON!!!