7th Plymouth District Rep


“Madam Speaker, thank you and I rise in favor of remmitance [sending the bill back to committee]. As a background, we need to look at the last 8 years of decisions made by this legislature… Common Core passed with no hearings, has cost our towns millions of dollars and has failed, as we are now switching to “MCAS 2.”

The Transportation bill passed with a “Tech Tax” that was repealed 6 weeks later because it would have driven roughly 11% of our economy out of the state. It also failed to justify an indexed gas tax when the state DOT spends 4x the national average on roads, leading to another repeal.

We switched from Romneycare to Obamacare, immediately costing taxpayers over $1B with the website failure. And there was a national referrendum on Obamacare when the President was elected, making it clear in his campaign that he would repeal and replace the law.

This chamber would not even take a vote to protect taxpayers from Olympic overruns.

What part of any of these decisions warrents pay increases? If anything, we should adopt New Hampshire’s $100 pay until we can prove we’re worth it to the people of Massachusetts.”