Hearing alot of rumors lately.   All can be contributed directly to CAT III coming on-line next year!!!   Imagine all the time that has been wasted on access roads, name changes and we would even say a new terminal when the game changer was and always has been the fog, which now becomes non factor with CAT III.    If you have never watched this video, watch it now!!


Have you seen all the news about JetBlue wanting 200 flights per day out of Boston??



In case you did not know JetBlue is in Terminal E with guess who else?  Yep, UPS!!    Rumors we are hearing is that they need the room that UPS is using for JetBlue and other airlines that use Terminal E.     Bottom line when the UPS lease ends, they may need to find a new home to replace Boston.   Imagine UPS must be looking at all possibilities, but when you consider the UPS facility in Shrewsbury and their current landlord (Massport), you got to believe Worcester has to be at the top of the list!!!!  Those are the rumors we are hearing.

Remember there are three parts to all successful airports:

  1. Commercial
  2. General Aviation
  3. Cargo

The success on one only helps the other.    Why do we have the feeling that we will start hearing more rumors every day as CAT III implementation gets closer?

I can already hear some people complaining about cargo flights like UPS.   Make no mistake about it this would be a great thing for Worcester if UPS were to ever make ORH one of their hubs in terms of jobs and property taxes, the two most important things this city needs.   Lets hope our political leaders have the fortitude to roll out the red carpet for UPS if these rumors are in fact true and court UPS just like we did JetBlue.