We have heard rumors that the GE move of their headquarters to Boston has required them to move their corporate jet fleet to Hanscom, not leaving room for Rectrix fleet.   As a result Rectrix will be moving their fleet to ORH.    At the current time, we have been trying to get a comment from Rectrix without success.

Lets hope that this is true!!!  This would be huge for Worcester Regional Airport (ORH) to bring all this General Aviation (GA)  activity to the new Rectrix facility at ORH.     We are thinking also  that this may be the first  of many more good announcements that will come over the next few months.    The substantial investment by Massport and the FAA into the airport infrastructure may be starting to reap returns.   This never ever could have happened if the the City of Worcester retained ownership of the airport.

Remember this from our column on April 30th and this tweet.  If it is true that Rectrix is moving their fleet to ORH and with a Part 145 Certifcate in hand could we be looking at an ORH commercial flight from them???    We will update as we hear more, but this is very exciting time at ORH.