We all know right now the flight times to ORH are less than ideal, to say the least.    To date MCO (Orlando)  has had three completely different variable time slots (7 AM to start, 10 AM after a year or so and now 4-5 PM) proving already that no matter the time of day ORH (Worcester) can fill planes to Orlando.
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As for FLL (Fort Lauderdale), at the times we are at now the inbound flight (2020) usually always comes in 90-100% full.    I do notice a good amount of transfer tags coming in, but they’re always scarce going out even though the loads are usually 80-100% to FLL.   This tells me, given these poor flight times, that there is a high demand for originating/terminating passengers on the ORH-FLL route.   Even though there are not as many transfers on the outbounds, they are made up for by passengers terminating in FLL.    The reason for low transfers is simply because there are only a couple flights to transfer to (1853 to SJU and 1091 to BQN). The earlier the flights, the more possible connections.

If you recall, ORH did not perform very well last fall.      Granted fall is a slow time of year across the map for all airlines, I remember on more than one occasion less than 30 people going down to FLL.     With this MUCH more traveler-friendly schedule, I think it is important for ORH to rebound and have an above-average fall season.
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I can’t recall the last time fog diverted a plane up here, and this is the last winter we have to worry about it (hopefully if all goes well). By having a healthy diet of O/T and transferring passengers, it will be VERY hard for JetBlue not to expand at ORH once the CAT III is operational that time the following year.

As far at the exact schedule, starting September 7 MCO comes in at 10 and departs at 11, and FLL lands around noon and departs by 1. After about 2 months or so, I don’t have the exact date, Orlando returns to the time it is at now. Fort Lauderdale moves to a noon arrival and departs by 1. That is huge, because that gives half the day to transfer to a destination then on the way back transfer to ORH via FLL or MCO.
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Nick Marconi’s latest video below