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Ever since Massport acquired the Worcester Regional Airport from the City of Worcester back in 2010 – TNA has held an annual meeting at the airport with Airport Director Mr. Andy Davis. This will be our 6th annual meeting with Mr. Davis on Wednesday 10/21/15 at 7:00 PM at the airport. (Free Parking)For informational purposes, there is a copy of our October newsletter inserted in this post as a picture. It may be to small and difficult to read in this format. TNA members who pay dues receive a mailed copy to their home or business. Facebook does not allow a PDF version to be posted which would be easier for you to read.

For this meeting we encourage those who live in the area to attend this meeting. It is held upstairs at the airport, it is held in the limited space where passengers wait to board their flight. TNA has built a working relationship with Massport and Airport Director Andy Davis which is of great benefit to our residents and businesses in the Tatnuck area. We would like to see more Tatnuck area residents and businesses join our organization. I have inserted a print out and mail in application for membership.

Donations are also appreciated from anyone, which we use for the maintenance of the Tatnuck Sq. Veteran’s Memorial & Garden Area behind the memorial. Plant street trees, and other projects.One issue that has been brought to our attention is the water leak in the main road in front of the airport terminal. There was some confusion as to who was responsible to fix this problem. Now that it has been determined that Massport is responsible for this repair they have hired a contractor to fix the problem. You can expect this repair to take place within the next week, as I have been assured by Mr.Davis the airport director.

These airport meetings are very informational, and as JetBlue now is ending its 2nd year of operation out of Worcester, there is good news about the future of service out of Worcester coming to us. Also the new near zero visibility Category III landing system which will cost about 32 Million dollars to install is in the process. The construction of that is probably about 18 months out from now. Massport has already made Millions of dollars of improvements since it took over ownership of the airport. They have been good neighbors, and have been very responsive to TNA at all times.