I wrote Monday morning how slow things are, international students are back and in the 30 hours that followed that post I was swamped. I have a couple of “regulars”, riders that use app same time to go to work each day. I got one yesterday at 4 P.M. going to Auburn. I knew I was close to my weekly goal but this fare wouldn’t do it. I decided to ride home via rt 20 to “fish out” anything that would get me to goal. I decided to use Lake Ave to go home and the app flashed, Westbro T station, I thought someone going home might just take me to my limit.

As a driver you only see where to pick them up even though they enter the destination, I got to train station hit start trip and read LOGAN AIRPORT BOSTON MA. It seems the heat effected the rails and trains were running behind, my short trip at four became a three hour ride not only taking me to goal but taking me $30 over. So I will not drive until Monday and I will shoot for $30 less next week. I’m looking forward to going back to taking it easy, this Uber thing is paying off.


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